2. fred-wilson:

    This Must Be The Place (Talking Heads cover) - Brothertiger

    one of my favorite songs 

    happy cover friday

  3. A few photos from an awesome weekend at Bonnaroo


  4. pitchfork:

    Listen to “Can’t Do Without You”, the mesmerizing first track released from Caribou’s forthcoming album, Our Love

  5. Baths. Bowery Ballroom

  6. Nope.

  7. Limoncello by Siren / Mikkeller / Hill Farmstead. unreal


  9. parislemon:

    Sequoia partner Jim Goetz:

    From the moment they opened the doors of WhatsApp, Jan and Brian wanted a different kind of company. While others sought attention, Jan and Brian shunned the spotlight, refusing even to hang a sign outside the WhatsApp offices in Mountain View. As competitors promoted games and rushed to build platforms, Jan and Brian remained devoted to a clean, lightning fast communications service that works flawlessly.

    It’s hard to do anything but admire this heads-down, focused approach. And it paid off. Very much literally.


  10. "Maybe we’ve gotten to the point now where you can be guided by the best things about electronic music and DJ culture and then by the Grateful Dead and jamming culture and bands of the sixties and seventies. Maybe that can lead you out of the black box of the show, right? Now where does that take you?"

    Nicolas Jaar, in a conversation with Dave Harrington and Daniel Pinchbeck.

    That quote captures exactly what I love about Darkside. It feels like they’re trying to reimagine Live/Dead in 2014.