1. i was blown away by moses sumney when he opened for blood orange last night.


  3. fred-wilson:

    This Must Be The Place (Talking Heads cover) - Brothertiger

    one of my favorite songs 

    happy cover friday

  4. A few photos from an awesome weekend at Bonnaroo


  5. pitchfork:

    Listen to “Can’t Do Without You”, the mesmerizing first track released from Caribou’s forthcoming album, Our Love

  6. Baths. Bowery Ballroom

  7. Nope.

  8. Limoncello by Siren / Mikkeller / Hill Farmstead. unreal


  10. parislemon:

    Sequoia partner Jim Goetz:

    From the moment they opened the doors of WhatsApp, Jan and Brian wanted a different kind of company. While others sought attention, Jan and Brian shunned the spotlight, refusing even to hang a sign outside the WhatsApp offices in Mountain View. As competitors promoted games and rushed to build platforms, Jan and Brian remained devoted to a clean, lightning fast communications service that works flawlessly.

    It’s hard to do anything but admire this heads-down, focused approach. And it paid off. Very much literally.